We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays on a regular basis for all the prayer requests we receive. Submitted prayer requests are not immediately posted, but are reviewed and approved within 24 hours.

How Can We Pray for You?


Prayer Requests
  • Please pray for my youngest great niece, Ruby, she has RSV please pray she will be able to fight it off. Please help her to have strong immunity and give her an appetite for healthy food. There are other issues in the family that complicate the home life. Therefore please pray for this situation. Thank you.
  • Please pray for my daughter Amber Rose, she will be having a biopsy following up on mammogram and ultrasound irregularities. She is a single mother of two boys and lives an hour away in Calhoun, Georgia. - Carrie Henderson
  • Please pray for Robert Frazier who has health issues.
    Thank You All - Greg Painter
  • (1) Home front \"Mission\" trip. We will be serving at the Word of Life Conference Center in Florida. Many Counseling opportunities with Missionaries coming to the conference from around the World.
    (2) A new young couple visiting the Chattanooga Campus (3 weeks in a row), we first met them at Easter at Colloidge. - Jim and Peggy Herndon
  • Please pray for my best friends brother, Tommy Lee. He has been diagnosed with cancer and the family is asking for all saints to please pray for healing. Also, the Daghlian family who is grieving for Katia. B 2/7/2003 D 12/18/2022.
    Thank you Stuart Heights! - Teresa Ferdon
  • Jeri was diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer. Her daughter Jen is taking care of her and she started chemo today 5/1 - Amanda Diskey
  • Please pray for my Daddy, James Proffitt. He had a stroke last month and was back in the hospital over the weekend after fainting. His blood pressure was very low, and he was dehydrated. He has a blood clot on his brain and one on his heart. Those are being treated with medicine. He’s home now but is in bed a lot.

    Also, please pray for Mo’s Dad, Morris Ricketts. He is in the hospital in Indiana with internal bleeding. The doctors are trying to find the source of the bleeding. Mo is there with him.

    Thank you - Tammy Ricketts