We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays on a regular basis for all the prayer requests we receive. Submitted prayer requests are not immediately posted, but are reviewed and approved within 24 hours.

How Can We Pray for You?


Prayer Requests

  • Rebecca Hawks for Ron Hawks
    Ron was hospitalized and had stent surgery in the middle of March for gallstones. The stones were backed up to his liver and we are seeing a specialized surgeon on the 20th to see what comes next. Please pray for healing and recovery. He has been ill since February.
  • Carol Coots
    Please pray for my cousin, Jonathan Eudy.. He has ALS and is becoming weaker.
  • Deborah Poteet-Johnson for Amanda Truax
    Please pray for Amanda Truax, who is experiencing tremendous spiritual warfare issues right now, and she needs a miracle from God to help her to know how to work on some legal issues and to find an attorney whom she can trust to represent her needs.
  • Brian for Noah
    Please pray for my friend’s son Noah as he recovers from multiple neck fractures resulting from an accident.
  • Rebecca Erickson: My friend
    My friend asked one day about what does it mean to be saved because I told him that that day was my spiritual birthday and that means the day I was saved. He kept asking questions on it and then asked if it bothered me that he was not a Christian or God follower. I said because he was my friend I supported his choice, but it hurts to know that he was not a Christian. He asked a few more questions, but he did not ask Jesus in his heart. I thank God that I got that chance to tell him those things. Thank you Lord for that opportunity to share your love and grace.