We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays on a regular basis for all the prayer requests we receive. Submitted prayer requests are not immediately posted, but are reviewed and approved within 24 hours.

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Prayer Requests
  • Hi my name is Jason and I am a teacher. Please pray for me for the strength to teach classes and to handle and manage them successfully this year and to have a successful school year. Thanks - Jason Clark
  • *Update* Gina Swoape, 54 years old passed away. Please pray for her son Josh who just lost his grandmother (his mothers mom) last month. His grandmother and mother were also the caretakers of his adult aunt who has special needs, please pray for this entire family as they grieve the loss of their grandmother and impending loss of their mother.
  • Please pray for my friend, Kevin Morris. Kevin is a pastor in NE TN who is dealing with cancer for a second time. - Brian
  • Please pray for the reported “nationwide shortage” of stimulant medications, which are used to treat (ADHD/ADD as well as other problems, like narcolepsy & medication-resistant depression. ADHD/ADD affects a significant part of the population from childhood through adulthood. Having it properly diagnosed and treated makes a world of difference in the lives of us who have it, as well as in our families, our work, and Bible study. Medications do not cure it, but they are very useful in allowing the neurotransmitters in our brains to work properly and to help regulate our emotions, concentration, and motor activity. Most importantly, there have been reports of overdoses with “fake Adderall laced with fentanyl” circulating, and many people with ADHD/ADD would be tempted to try to find drugs “on the streets” if they cannot fill their legitimately-prescribed medications at the pharmacies due to the “shortages.” I see spiritual warfare likely involved. Deborah Poteet-Johnson, M.D.