We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays on a regular basis for all the prayer requests we receive. Submitted prayer requests are not immediately posted, but are reviewed and approved within 24 hours.

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Prayer Requests

  • Prayer request

    Co workers ex husband involved in accident
    Has skull fracture and blood clot on brain on life support ICU at Erlanger. Name is Lee Thompson

  • Prayer on behalf of Linda Lane

    Linda Lane's sister Joyce Morgan is having urgent health issues and she would appreciate any prayer on her sister's behalf.

  • Steve West for Pat Spears

    This message is to initiate a prayer request for Pat Spears. Her husband Tom Spears, just called to let me know she is in the Erlanger Hospital. Her health has not been good, suffering from swollen legs, etc. She fell about a week ago, and her husband and family couldn't get her back on her feet. Tom says she has been in and out of a coma, i.e., unresponsive. Tom and Pat Spears have two sons, Kenny and Bryan.

  • Staci Higgins for Shannon

    It’s been too long since I’ve asked for prayer from my church family. Could you please pray for my sister at Vanderbilt today. Routine visit to check status of her condition-Aplastic anemia- and to see how the bone marrow transplant is doing 1 year out. God bless you for praying.

  • Bryan Spears for Pat

    Pat Spears is in dire need of prayer. She has gone from hospital to rehab center and back to the hospital. She is 74 years old. She has COPD along with other things.


  • Rodney Fuller: Urgent prayer request

    Pray for a speedy recovery for Matt and Leah Fuller.