We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays on a regular basis for all the prayer requests we receive.

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Prayer Requests

  • Joe West for my siblings

    My brother, Charles, is in the hospital in Chicago with Sepsis and we are thankful that he has made it through the last few days. Pray for his salvation. Yesterday, Liz Britt, my sister had what they think was a stroke. Her speech is slurred, they are running tests, so she may be able to go home today.

  • Staci Higgins for Shannon my twin

    Dear church family,
    Could you please pray for my sister’s protection right now. She has low immunity due to her Chemo and radiation treatment prior to her bone marrow transplant back in December. She has been around someone that has been around a positive Covid. Please pray for that family( the McDaniels) and my family in Knoxville as they have taken her in to try to avoid her getting Covid. All of it leads to angst and fear. The Lord tells us not to worry but to pray- I know you will help pray for the situation. God bless you and your family for lifting my loved one up -your fellow sister in Christ.

  • Phil and Linda Haymaker for Volunteer Week

    Please help us pray as we go up to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, for a week of volunteering with the Answers in Genesis Ministry next week. Pray for witnessing opportunities, fruitful service, good health, and safety on the trip. Thanks

  • Brian Smith for George’s mother

    Please pray for my friend George and his family. His mother, who is a Jesus follower, is close to the end of her earthly life and is on hospice care.

  • Amanda and Steve Hall regarding Mike Baskette

    Please remember his family as he passed from this earth.

  • Amber Webber: cancer surgery

    My amazing warrior sister has cancer for the 5th time. It keeps coming back as different forms, but this time they have to rebuild her throat and Esophagus. Her surgery is tomorrow in Michigan. She needs all the prayers she can get please. She is our family rock. She is amazing.

  • Montee Wellman for My Cousin

    My cousin John who lives in South Carolina was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week and hospitalized. This morning he was placed on a ventilator. Please pray for John, his wife Angie (she had COVID also and recovered) , their sons Hunter and Jacob. I am concerned about their son Hunter. Hunter is a Junior at The Citadel Military College in Charleston. He came home to visit a couple of weeks ago and unknowingly brought the COVID virus home. He is feeling a lot of guilt. Thank you everyone

  • Sarah Ward Update for Jason's brother

    8/27 Jason's brother Josh is doing better and is out of ICU. He had the chest tube removed and had the knee surgery. He will be in the hospital another three months and then rehab. Pray for his healing as he will need additional surgeries. Pray for Jason for safe travels home this weekend.