We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays on a regular basis for all the prayer requests we receive.

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Prayer Requests

  • Kathy Pepoy: Pray for My Niece Destiny

    Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Destiny. She has cervical cancer and once her baby is born in September, they will immediately do a hysterectomy and any necessary further treatment. She is 22 yrs old. Thanks.

  • Stephanie Allen

    My grandfather, Walter Phelps is not doing well and is not expected to live long. Please pray for him and for the family.

  • Becky Harrison for Walter

    Please pray for Walt on Tuesday. He is having a cardiac ablation to try and correct AFib. Medications are not controlling it well. Thank you.

  • Anonymous: pet in danger

    Pray for several people to offer a home to a poor little dog 10 years old, or he will be euthanized in a short time. Thank you

  • Praise and thanks

    I give the Lord praise and thanks. Thank you family and church for your prayers and gifts. Just prayers for provision and health of our son Benjamin Asher. May He bless you all abundantly. The Lords will be done first and may He be glorified always.

  • Church Office for Peggy Kendall

    Update: Ted (Peggy Kendall’s son)- is in a hospital near Nashville; in critical condition. The oncologist will not come to the hospital to determine a cancer treatment. Pray that Ted’s breathing will improve so he can be discharged and see the oncologist. Peggy is having blood pressure issues, so pray this will get under control.

  • Rodney Fuller: Urgent prayer request

    Please keep Mr David Watts in your prayers. He is the father of one of my employees currently in the covid unit at Erlanger. He has been there for over a week now and being put on a ventilator today. Three other family members are recovering at home with mild symptoms. This is a dear Christian family who live in Chickamauga, GA. Thank you. Rodney

  • Stephanie Allen:

    My aunt Stephanie will return to school August 12 and my aunt Linda lives in California; pray for their protection from the virus. Also pray for the students returning to school next week.
    Pray for my mom's job that there would be less stress and for a new job with the right hours and pay. I start my new job Wednesday, so pray that God will help me to do well on my job.
    I will have the second crown put on my other tooth on Aug. 17.

  • Angela Smith: Pray for a friend

    Lifelong friend Craig has liver cancer. He survived colon cancer 5 years ago. Thankfully and most importantly, he is one of God’s children.

  • Tara Higdon: Prayer for the Black family

    My cousin Michael, his wife Anastasias, and their daughter Ellie who is three months old: Ellie has been diagnosed with MPS1 Hurler syndrome this is an incurable disease that requires you to have enzyme replacements and a bone marrow transplant. Her last treatment the doctors found her right heart valve was not working properly. Her sister Emorie is 18 months old and is a match for bone marrow. on August 1st they go to Cincinnati Children hospital for evaluation at that point they will schedule the bone marrow transplant. Ellie will remain in the hospital with continued treatment. The extent of stay in Cincinnati will be a minimal of 100 days. Michael and Anastasia are young parents with both daughter's having either a procedure or surgery.